Fresh Takes on Salad Classics

If you’ve already worked your way through your repertoire of salad recipes, don’t fret – the folks from Little Leaf Farms have some delicious ways to dress up a pair of time-tested go-tos. These enhanced classics incorporate seasonal superstars (like lobster) and timeless adornments (think: meat and cheese) for heartier takes on light meals that’ll smooth the transition from summer to fall.

Charcuterie Chef Salad - Little Leaf Farms

Charcuterie Chef Salad with Fig & White Balsamic

First things first: you don’t have to be a chef to make this salad, and charcuterie basically just means cured meats en français so there’s nothing to be nervous about here. This salad may have a fancy name but it couldn’t be simpler, combining fresh elements like greens, tomatoes and onion with buttery manchego and salty proteins like prosciutto and salami. The dressing balances sweet fig jam with tart vinegar to bring it all together for a satisfying and tasty meal. Get the recipe…

Lobster Caesar Salad - Little Leaf Farms

Lobster Roll Caesar

Leave it to New England’s iconic crustacean to breathe new life into a beloved salad. This decadent version of the Caesar, topped with luscious lobster meat, balances the rich, succulent shellfish with sharp pecorino, creamy dressing, crisp greens and crunchy croutons for a dish that’s both indulgent and nutritious. Get the recipe…

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