Skip the Chips, Dip Your Greens

Looking for ways to lighten up your snacking in the dog days of summer? Swap out those salty, greasy chips and make room on your crudités platter for a heaping pile of greens from Little Leaf Farms. Their fresh, crispy lettuces have the crunch you’re craving and are a surprisingly effective vessel for dip delivery (right to your face). Plus, you’ll feel like you’ve done yourself a solid by making a healthier choice.

The salad savvy team from the Little Leaf Farms have perfected and shared a trio of dressings designed for dipping. Read on for the recipes and spend the rest of the summer chilling out and grazing on greens.

Little Leaf Farms - dipping dressingLemon Pesto Dipping Dressing

This zesty dressing combines yogurt, lemon juice and pesto, one of the season’s standouts, for a dip that’s both bright and creamy. You can use store-bought pesto (if your basil didn’t do so well this year – it happens!) and just add salt and pepper to taste. Get the recipe here…

Little Leaf Farms - dipping dressingTahini Turmeric Dipping Dressing

Add this dressing to your repertoire and bust it out when you’re looking for something with a silky smooth texture and slightly nutty flavor. The blend of tahini, garlic, cider vinegar, honey mustard and turmeric complements pretty much all the veggies but especially those fresh greens. Get the recipe here…

Little Leaf Farms - dipping dressingWhipped Herb Ricotta Dressing

Fresh dill, lemon and one small shallot do a lot of the heavy lifting in this rich-yet-refreshing, ricotta-based dip. Just toss everything in a food processor and whip it all together (it’s ok if the texture is a little runny) for a creamy dip with an extra bit of herb-y zip. Get the recipe here…


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