Stan’s Secret Wine Stash

Forage Newsletter

Join the Forage wine club and get hooked up with hard to find wines from around the world. Every week throughout the month of August (to start, at least – there may be future months if things go well), co-owner and wine know-it-all, Stan Hilbert, will be featuring some of his favorite natural wines, most of which are biodynamically-farmed using organic methods and minimal manipulation. They’re said to be healthier for drinkers, the farms and farmers, for the planet…so you can drink more of them! That’s how that works, right?

You can choose your commitment level — one, two or three bottles per week — when you sign up online (just click on the drop down menu and select Forage Wine Club for all the info). Each bottle in your weekly pick-up will come with a detailed sheet telling you about the winery and how the wine is made. Get in on the oenophile-y good times here for a wine filled rest of the summer.

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