Eat, Drink & Party Like a Pitmaster

It’s understandable if the release of Andy Husbands’ new cookbook slipped right by you; it came out in February back when the world was normal but also still really, really cold (at least around these parts) so backyard BBQ-ing might not have been top of mind. But now that summer is in full swing and you’re likely spending more time at home, it’s the ideal moment to get your mitts on a copy of The Smoke Shop’s Backyard BBQ: Eat, Drink, and Party Like a Pitmaster.

Husbands, working with co-author Will Salazar, has packed this volume with tried and true recipes, carefully honed and perfected throughout his career as award-winning pitmaster and BBQ champion. You can start with classics like pulled pork, twice smoked pulled chicken, brisket and New Memphis ribs. They’ve got some great ideas (and practical tips) for introducing more BBQ into your life from holiday parties and tailgates to Taco Tuesdays and Sunday brunch. Take it for a test drive with these recipes for Salt & Pepper Baby Backs and Bare-Bones BBQ Sauce, then scoop up your very own signed copy online here to try all the rest.

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