Pammy’s Umami-Packed Sauces To-Go

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Pammy’s is currently closed for a little revamp but don’t despair, they’re selling two of chef Chris Willis‘ signature sauces to help you cope. Blending the flavors of Italian trattoria with New-American dining, Pammy’s menu is packed with unstuffy sensible flavors that taste good together. The same is true of their sauces: the Umami Marinara Sauce ($16 for 12oz) is enhanced with rice wine vinegar and Shoyu, and their Bolognese ($18 for 12oz) features Gochujang to give a little kick. Some of the ingredients might make your Nonna raise an eyebrow but Willis knows what he’s doing and these lovely little jars of goodness will enhance any homemade pizza, pasta or lasagna dinner plans. Get yours today online click for sauce, or by calling 617.945.1761.

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