It’s Time for Take-Out Cocktails

illustrez-vous/Adobe Stock

Governor Charlie Baker has signed a bill allowing restaurants to sell mixed drinks to-go starting…now! There are, of course, rules: boozy drinks must be mixed on-site at a licensed premises and sold in sealed containers in the same proportion as they’d be served on-site; they must be purchased with food; sales stop at midnight; and customers are limited to 64 ounces per transaction. If the aforementioned adult beverages are to be transported by car to their final destination, they’ll have to make the trip in the trunk or someplace that’s not part of the passenger area. You can read the whole bill here to get all the details if you are so inclined but the general gist is this: you can soon be sipping your favorite craft cocktails from the comfort of home. Here are a few — from the likes of Drink, Fox & the Knife, Russell House Tavern, Toro and Uni — to get you started.

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