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Tiger Mama, chef Tiffani Faison’s second Fenway endeavor, is officially open for take-out as of Friday, June 5th with an expansive menu of Southeast Asian eats. Peruse the offerings and call the restaurant directly to pre-order anything and everything that strikes your fancy. They’ll be scheduling pick-ups Thursday through Saturday from 4:00-8:00pm (pre-order between 12:00 and 3:00pm) and for brunch on Sundays from 11:30am-4:00pm (pre-order before 11:00am). Once you’ve secured your eats and your pick-up time, just swing over to Boylston Street to grab your order – Thai fried chicken, coconut chili shrimp, papaya salad, drunkie noods and/or softshell crab fried rice, just to name a few. There’s beer and wine, drink mixes (just add your own booze) and desserts from pastry chef Dee Steffen Chinn. Have a look and call 617.425.6262 whenever you’re ready (but also between 12:00 and 3:00pm Thursday through Saturday or before 11:00am on Sunday – you’re going to want to get this right). Keep an eye on the Tiger Mama Insta for updates and brunch menu deets.


Papaya Salad 9
green papaya, tomatoes, long bean, peanuts, hot hot chilis

Spicy Fruit Fresh Rolls 13
mango, papaya, lime, vietnamese herbs

Crispy Pork Roll Salad 15
cold chili vermicelli, shreddy carrots, cucumbers, lettuces & herbs we like


Seasonal Greens 14
garlicky wok roasted greens

Chili Potatoes 9
sneaky chili mayo, scallions

Spicy Okra 10
wok roasted okra, garlic

Yu Shiang Eggplant 11
garlic, basil, pickled fresno peppers


Spicy Pork Toro 18
grilled peach & thai herb salad, sticky rice

Lamb Roti 14
brickfields spiced & braised lamb, crispy roti, basil raita, mint cilantro jam

Pad Gra Pow 16
rich & spicy ground chicken, chilis thai basil, fried duck egg

Gai Tod 18
thai fried chicken, fried banana

Coconut Chili Shrimp 22
creamy sweet & savory glaze, chili garlic scallion crumble

Crispy Shrimp Toast 14
|green sweet chili sauce


Jasmine Rice 3

Coconut Sticky Rice 3


Singapore Street Noodles 17
crispy curried noodles, asian greens, all the sesame seeds

Drunkie Noods 19
wok roasted shrimp, chow fun noodles, chilis, thai basil, yu choi

Le Tigre House Fried Rice 19
chinese sausage, scallop, egg, little gem, tobiko mayo

Softshell Crab Fried Rice 26
crispy softshell, picked jonah, cilantro, soy-chili scrambled eggs

Gross American Pad Thai 18


Mango Sticky Rice 7

Thai Tea Cremeux 7

Pride Cake 7

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