Less Than Greater Than, Open for Take-Out & Tiki Kits

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Fans of Hudson’s hidden-in-plain-sight speakeasy, Less Than Greater Than, the wait is over. The beloved little cocktail bar is open for take-out featuring a menu of signature dishes, which means you can soon be noshing on all your faves including potato waffles, burgers, chicken Milanese sandwiches, shortrib agrodolce and dan dan noodles. The menu, which includes beer & wine and ice cream by the pint from New City Microcreamery, will be available every day from 12:00-8:30pm for pick-up. You can also order tiki cocktail kits via their online ordering platform, which will allow you to make about a zillion different drinks (they’ll give you ten recipes to get you started though). Have a peek at the menu and place your order online here.

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