Mix Up Your Take-Out Routine with a Tagine from Moona

tbralnina/Adobe Stock

If your skill with Moroccan cuisine is not quite where you’d like it to be, leave it to the pros at Moona. The Inman Square restaurant has added a new family-style Moroccan Chicken Tagine to their take-out menu. The new dish, an aromatic combination of preserved lemons, olives, saffron, ginger and veggies, comes with rice, salad, and bread as well as a side of hummus, tzatziki, olives, pickles, and baklava. It’s available for pre-order Thursday through Sunday from 1:00-8:30pm in three sizes – two half chickens ($50), four whole chickens ($100) of six whole chickens and one half chicken ($150). Call Moona at 617.945.7448 for pick-up or order online for pick-up or delivery through one of the apps.

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