Pick Up Some Ice Cream

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Y’know what you need right now? Ice cream. Lots and lots of ice cream. Stock up at either location of New City Microcreamery. Both the Cambridge (right on Mass Ave in Central Square) and Hudson (right on Main Street) stores are open for pick-up and delivery Monday through Thursday from 3:00-9:00pm and Friday through Sunday from 1:00-9:00pm. If you’re looking for an outing you can swing by to scoop up your order or, if you’d prefer to have someone bring it right to you, can use Uber Eats.

For pick-up in Cambridge, call 617.945.0279 or order online here. For delivery from the Cambridge location, click here.

For pick-up in Hudson, call 978.333.7144 or order online here. For delivery from the Hudson location, click here.

You can get scoops or, if you’ve still got room in the freezer (pro tip: make some room) get as many pints as they’ll let you.

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