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Have a little more time in the mornings now that you’re not commuting (or showering…or putting on pants)? Give your breakfast repertoire an update and enjoy a delicious and leisurely meal with these recipes from local cookers. It’s the most important meal of the day, after all.

Jason Reed of Vicki Lee’s Bakery offered up a recipe for Apple Cider Pancakes back in the fall but you’ve probably got all the ingredients kicking around (if the bare shelves in the baking aisle are any indication). You may have to pick up some cider or get creative and put those aspirational apples to good use and make your own.

Our Fathers‘ own Pat McRell passed along his recipe for Potato Latkes which are like a lovely little hashbrown (just with more cultural significance). You don’t have to serve them with applesauce or sour cream (as is the custom); they’re nice underneath an egg or alongside a breakfast meat of your choosing.

Pastry Chef Kevin Walsh of Little Donkey shared an easier-than-it-sounds Blueberry Streusel Corn Muffin recipe. If somebody got the last box of blueberries before you could grab them, you can use frozen, if you must (they get mashed anyway!). No one is judging (cause no one will know).

During his days in the kitchen at Québécois-leaning Cafe du Pays, Dan Amighi sent over his closely-held Crepe Batter recipe, which includes a pint of Molson Canadian among its ingredients but you can use Coors or Budweiser if that’s what you have handy. Adorn with fruits, jams, Nutella or whatever you like.

See these and other recipes from your favorite local chefs.

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