BBQ & Pastry To Go Pop Up, Take 2


BBQ master Andy Husbands of The Smoke Shop and Flour‘s head pastry guru Joanne Chang are teaming up for their second BBQ & Pastry To Go Pop Up. If you missed your chance the first time around, hop to it and order yourself (and your family or loved ones or roommates) a delicious pick-me-up. There are BBQ packages (fit for 4-6 people with leftovers) as well as dessert & breakfast boxes that’ll keep your sugar high going for at least a few days. Just click through to the Eventbrite page before 5:00pm on Thursday, April 2nd to reserve the sweet or savory (or both) option of your choice and select a pick-up time. Then plan on being at the Fort Point location of The Smoke Shop on Saturday, April 4th at the appointed time (with your Eventbrite receipt in hand) to grab your goodies. Proceeds from the pop-up will support staff at both restaurant groups while businesses are shut down.

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