Halloween Cocktails: 16 Creepy Concoctions

Halloween is just around the corner and as you put the finishing touches on your devilish costumes, cocktails are also getting a spooky spin. Inspired by classic holiday treats, ghoulish legends, and horrific villains, these witch-y brews are the perfect libations for a spine-tingling night on the town. Scroll on down and pick your poison.

A4cade – Gomez Addams

Named after the patriarch of the most iconic macabre family, the Gomez Addams at A4Cade features Privateer gin, Bitter Truth violet liqueur, lemon juice, grapefruit juice, orgeat and Thai chili-infused simple syrup. Swing by the Mass Ave game-room-meets-watering-hole to give it a whirl – it’ll have you feeling all kinds of creepy and kooky, mysterious and spooky.


Bodega Canal – Pumpkin Margarita

This Pumpkin Margarita is the heavy dose of pumpkin you need to get you in a fall-ish mood—and ready for the spooky season. You can find this tasty (and timely!) sipper, made with Avion tequila, Grand Marnier, lime, pumpkin and a pumpkin spice rim, at Bodega Canal.


Davio’s Lynnfield – Candy Corn Martini

Trick-or-treating might just be for the kids, but you’re never too old for candy corn. Indulge in this grown-up version of the classic Halloween treat with Davio’s Lynnfield‘s Candy Corn Martini. This cocktail features Godiva White, pumpkin spice liqueur, vanilla vodka, cream or milk, whipped cream and, of course, candy corn.


Kings Lynnfield – La Catrina Margarita

Named after one of the more familiar…faces? associated with Dia de los Muertos, the La Catrina Margarita at Kings Lynnfield is perfect for the ghostly season — and just about any fall occasion you can think of. You can enjoy this combination of Espolon Reposado tequila, lime juice, pumpkin puree and nutmeg with a salted caramel rim, whether you want to commune with your loved ones on the other side or just get your fill of pumpkin-y goodness.


Less Than Greater Than – Smoldering Bridges

Less Than Greater Than, Hudson’s stylish little speakeasy, is serving up scares for Halloween and Smoldering Bridges is one of them. It’s made with Mezcal, bergamot, peche, lemon, and peychaud bitters — and it’s well worth the trip out to the ‘burbs.


Meritage – Widow’s Kiss

Take a deadly sip of the Widow’s Kiss from Meritage. With Calvados, Benedictine, yellow chartreuse and bitters, this classic cocktail gets dressed for the holiday with a creepy twist with a skull-topped cocktail pick.


Moody’s Backroom – Poison Dart

Moody’s Backroom pays tribute to the grand (if rather gruesome) head-shrinking tradition with the Poison Dart. Tequila, blood orange, aperol, Campari, lemon, chocolate bitters, fernet float and an apple shrunken head garnish make up this particularly eerie libation.


Osteria Posto – Maleficent’s Elixir

Osteria Posto‘s got a cocktail as dark and evil as Maleficent herself. Made with fig vodka, pomegranate juice, simple syrup, Bar Keeps organic apple bitters and apple “horns” dipped in sugar, Maleficent’s Elixir is guaranteed to give you the creeps.


Roxanne’s – Six Foot Seven Foot

Fans of Beetlejuice rejoice over this beastly Halloween brew at Roxanne’s. Named after the Banana Boat Song from the Beetlejuice musical, the Six Foot Seven Foot features dark rum, aged rum, banana liqueur, allspice dram, lime and coconut.


Sumiao Hunan – Waters of Oblivion

According to Chinese mythology, several realms exist below the Earth. As the dead pass through these realms on the way to their next life, they must consume a special drink to forget their previous lives. Sumiao Hunan‘s potable ode to this legend, Waters of Oblivion, contains activated charcoal, Jian Nan Chun baijiu, Chamford, mulberry, lemon juice and a garnish of luxardo cherry and lychee.


Tamo – Area 51 Espresso

Missed your chance at the Area 51 raid? Fear not; you can still raid TAMO Bistro + Bar for their Area 51 Espresso (pictured); Grey Goose base, espresso, Boston Harbor coffee liqueur, Boston Harbor maple cream liqueur, and a splash of simple syrup. Or, if you’ve got a friend or two in tow, order the Halloween Bowl, a lovely mix of Stoli blueberry vodka, Passoa passion fruit liqueur, mango puree, lime juice, simple syrup with a dark rugar rim.


Temple Bar – U.S.S Butterscotch

If you’re still reeling from the season finale of Stranger Things, take solace at Temple Bar. Whether you’re a Russian operative, a grumpy and lovesick small town sheriff or a demogorgon from the Upside Down, you can enjoy this spin on the Scoops Ahoy U.S.S. Butterscotch, which includes Corralejo Anejo tequila, Amaro Angostura, apple schnapps and butterscotch.


The Hourly Oyster House – Jabberwocky

A nod to Lewis Carroll’s poem about a fight between a handsome prince and fiendish beast, the Jabberwocky (from the team at The Hourly Oyster House), may evoke the image of the winged, buck-toothed monster that has spooked children for over a century. But this Jabberwocky isn’t scary. Nope. It’s a delicious (and aesthetically pleasing!) blend of Manzanilla sherry, Citadelle gin, Lillet blanc and orange bitters.


The Longfellow Bar – Tip the Scale

If you prefer to focus less on tricks and more on treats, Tip the Scale at The Longfellow may be right up your alley. The Dan Pontius creation combines some warming fall flavors (coffee- and cocoa nib-infused vodka, pumpkin spice syrup, and spice tincture) with sweet components (a malted milk powder/vanilla sugar rim) for a beverage that’ll take you back to you door-to-door going days.


Time Out Market Boston – Black Widow Venom

If you’re an arachnophobe, brace yourself and get ready to face your fears. For Halloween, Time Out Market Boston will be serving the realistic and hair-raising Black Widow Venom cocktail. It’s made with Bully Boy vodka, pineapple juice, lemon juice, cherry simple syrup, dry ice and an edible black widow garnish.


Trade – Speak No Evil

Trade‘s got the potion to keep away the ghouls and goblins during this Halloween. Speak No Evil is a befittingly orange and black cocktail featuring pineapple rum, aperol, lime and agave.

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