Can’t Miss (RWB) Dish – Duck


Go ahead and get fancy when it comes to your poultry choice; duck makes plenty of tasty appearances during Restaurant Week Boston (or Dine Out Boston). You can have it maple-smoked and grilled, confited and added to fried rice (with a crispy XO duck egg, no less) or adorned with blackberry puree, roasted figs and seasonal mushrooms. Take a peek below to see some of the other options and get a few of your fine-feathered, bird-loving friends together for dinner.

Blue Dragon – Duck confit fried rice with seasonal vegetables and crispy XO duck egg

Henrietta’s Table – House maple-smoked and grilled free range duck breast and confit leg with port wine reduction and fresh cherries

Ma Maison – Duck leg confit and duck sausage

Marliave – Duck liver ravioli with sweet-n-sour onions, brown butter and capers

Talulla – Rohan duck breast with blackberry puree, roasted fig, summer mushroom and farro


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