Book A Personal Chef With MyTable

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If you thought hiring a home chef was only for the rich and famous, then you haven’t met MyTable. The Boston-based start up is turning the concept of home cooking on its head through a mobile marketplace that connects hungry folks (hint: that’s you) with local chefs who come and cook restaurant-quality meals for you in your own house.

It’s the perfect service for all sorts of eaters from busy families to single professionals to hungry millennials and more. All of the chefs on the platform are vetted, having undergone numerous background and professional assessments, and they’re ready to create convenient, low-cost and healthy meals whatever the occasion. You can schedule a chef on an ad-hoc basis when you forget to plan for dinner or just don’t feel like cooking, reserve ahead for a special occasion like a date night in or big family get-together, or even request a regular time for someone to take care of your weekly meal prep.

The options are virtually endless and super cost effective, so how do you get started? The mobile app and complete marketplace are still being finalized but in the meantime, you can pick what you’d like to eat from a pre-set menu before providing as many details as possible on the date, time, location and the number of people you’re planning to feed. The MyTable team takes over from there, connecting you with a chef that fits your needs (each chef charges based on experience). You’re responsible for providing your own ingredients and in-app grocery delivery will be available once the full marketplace launches.

Eager to book your own personal chef? Head to to place your first order!

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