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If Christina Orso had an anthem, it would be Everyday I’m Hustlin’ by Rick Ross — she’s sharp, snappy and a side-hustler turned full-time strategic marketer. Her comedic delivery and quick wit on her Instagram stories make them a must-watch, and the double-decker burgers, overflowing milkshakes and stuffed-to-the-brim sandwiches in her feed? Yeah, those are worth a follow too. She’s a former blogger and now her own boss who does marketing consulting work for a bunch of restaurants in the area (maybe you’ve heard of some… Area Four, Boston Burger Company, Mortadella Head and more). Here, she opens up about navigating the restaurant marketing scene, why she thinks chef collabs could be the next big trend in dining and which Harvard Square spot is her go-to for when visitors are in town.

Tell us a little about yourself. How’d you end up in Boston, and what inspired you to create your Instagram account?

I grew up in Massachusetts when I was younger, but spent many years living in Charleston, SC. Charleston has some of the best restaurants in the country, and while living there, I started my food blog, Hungry Meets Healthy. Over the years when social media gained more popularity, I began using Instagram to showcase all the incredible places I was eating. I moved back to the Boston area four years ago and have been eating my way through the city ever since. I worked as the Marketing Director for Boston Burger Company for three years and learned all the ins and outs of digital photography, social media and influencer marketing. Earlier this year I started my own marketing company that provides services for local restaurants as well as several lifestyle brands. Many of the brands I work with are food & beverage and consumer packaged goods, so taking photos is part of my daily routine. I love working with a variety of brands and sharing new places and products to my followers.

Name the top five dishes on your Boston food bucket list.

1. The Hot Mess Burger at Boston Burger Company
2. Clam & Bacon Pizza at Area Four
3. Carrot Cake Ice Cream at Christina’s Ice Cream
4. Octopus at Desfina
5. Spicy Citrus Roll at Cafe Sushi

What do you think the next big trend is for restaurants?

Collaborating with other chefs/restaurants. I love seeing chefs come together, uniting their creativities to make something really special. Cross promotions are a great way to support your community and highlight what our city has to offer.

Which chef is your favorite to follow on Instagram and why?

@Chef.Tatiana – Her food is beautiful and she seems like a really fun, sweet girl.

Beyond chefs, what are your top three favorite food Instagram accounts to follow?

My cousin Matt (@chocolatechipboston) has a drool-worthy account dedicated to finding the best chocolate chip cookies in Boston. His rating system and commentary is hilarious. I also adore my friend @vtnguyen for her amazing photography and similar passion for food and travel.

Describe Boston’s food scene in three words.

Diverse, inventive, curious.

Which restaurants haven’t you been to but you’re eager to try?

Ostra, Cinquecento, Ocean Prime, Citrus & Salt

What’s your food photography philosophy, and can you share your top tips for taking awesome food photos?

Bright, well-lit, colorful, and close up. I like my photos to be as close to the food as possible so you can see all the elements.

A Few Of Your Favorite Things:

Favorite new restaurant: Kava

Favorite place for small plates: Sarma

Favorite burger joint: Boston Burger Company

Favorite pizza spot: Area Four

Favorite restaurant to take visitors to: The Hourly

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