15+ Boozy & Spooky Drinks

With cocktails as creative as your costume, local mixologists get all kinds of spooky with their Halloween potions, using tricks and treats like dry ice, devil horns (aka chili peppers) and fruity eyeballs (aka blueberry-stuffed raspberries). Head out under cover of darkness to try out these inventive bevvies before they disappear in the proverbial puff of smoke.

ArtBar: Black Jack

Scoot over to ArtBar at the Royal Sonesta to try Black Jack, their ominously delicious Halloween drink. The seasonally-inspired beverage combines Apple Jack (for that tart Granny Smith flavor), shimmery grenadine (for an eerie little shine), blackberry liqueur (for a extra bit of fruitiness) and touch of dry ice to top it all off (for supernatural-ish smoke).


Artistry on the Green: Witches Brew

Don’t let the bright green shade of the Witch’s Brew deter you – this combination of Midori, vodka, lemon lime soda and fresh orange juice (complete with a sugared rim) is a perfect Halloween treat from the folks at Artistry on Green. It even comes with a marshmallowy black cat (because what’s a witch without their cat, right?). Just hop on your broom and steer for Lexington to give it a try.


Bancroft: Asleep in the Hollow

Rip Van Winkle fell asleep in the hollow for 20 years after he took a sip of liquor from the ghosts of the Halve Men. Note to self: don’t accept liquor from random ghosts. However, do accept whatever the bartenders at The Bancroft throw your way. This Halloween, they’ve crafted a spooky cocktail, Asleep in the Hollow, that likely won’t put you in a deep sleep but might put you in a deep state of happiness. Something wicked this way comes with a tall glass featuring Bimini gin, Concord grape shrub, Luxardo bianco, Del Professore vermouth and club soda.


Bar Boulud: Ghosted

It’s not just your internet date who’ll ghost you. This concoction at Bar Boulud will elude you too if you don’t get to the Back Bay joint before October 31st. Ghosted has all of the makings of an epic drink — Ghost tequila, aperol, tamarind, lime juice and simple syrup. Ask for yours with a side of candy corn (because, why not?), and make sure to grab it before it disappears…for good.


Chopps American Bar and Grill: Spooky Sunrise

The morning can be scary—beeping alarm clocks, commuting, leaving your cozy bed to begin with! Chopps American Bar and Grill has crafted a Halloween cocktail that will make you have happier thoughts when it comes to daybreak. Their Spooky Sunrise combines Mastro Dobel Tequila, fresh tangerine juice and grenadine float – it’ll erase all your negative associations with early morning.


Comedor: the Gully Creature

Halloween is when all the creepy crawly creatures come out to play—the team at Comedor has whipped up a drink with them (and you) in mind. Scotch, Strega, black cherry and a sugar pumpkin shrub are crafted into a sweet, dark cocktail—the Gully Creature. Get out to Newton to give one a try.


Empire: Vampire’s Blood

Vampires are always trying to get a bite out of humans, but what if it was reversed? After all, Vampire’s Blood – the one at Empire, anyway – is pretty tasty. Avion Silver, Barrows Ginger, St. Germain, lime agave and blood orange is what flows through their veins. Head to Seaport restaurant to get your fix, without running the risk of getting bit yourself.


Glass House: Blood(y) Orange Cosmo

Better act quick to get your hands on this Bloody Orange Cosmo at Glass House. It (and a few other fancy concoctions) will only be available at the restaurant’s Sunday Boorunch (on October 28th). But this potent little combination of Effen Blood Orange vodka, triple sec, lime juice and blood orange puree is well worth the trip to Kendall Square.


Ledger: Pumped Up Cocktail

Salem is the centerpiece of Halloween happenings in New England — heck, in the country! — so what better place to find a sippable witch’s brew? Get excited for one of Ledger‘s new fall cocktails, Pumped Up, a mix of vodka with roasted pumpkin, paprika, salt and lemon. It’s appropriately seasonal (hello, pumpkin), slightly spicy and elegantly spooky.


Mooo….: Beetlejuice

Mooo…. joins in on the Halloween fun with their Beetlejuice cocktail, a nod to Tim Burton’s spooky but comedic blockbuster. Made with organic beet juice, Zubrowska Bison Grass Vodka, fresh ginger-infused L’Andana honey and lemon juice, this bevvy gets finished with a striped black and white straw. Beetlejuice himself wouldn’t be able to resist.


Myers + Chang: RedRum

All work and no play makes for a dull Halloween – get yourself to Myers + Chang on October 31st for dumplings, drinks and a devilishly good time. Costumes are optional (the staff will be dressed up, if that tips the scales) but the RedRum, their potable ode to The Shining, is a must-have. The potent little tiki drink – kinda dark and a little bitter – is the perfect way banish that creepy, stircrazy feeling.


Ocean Prime: Berries and Bubbles

Double, double, toil and trouble — this smoking martini at Ocean Prime is the cauldron-esque cocktail you’ve been looking for during the Halloween season. In Berries & Bubbles, you’ll find an alcoholic potion brewing made with Belvedere citrus vodka, crème de cassis, sour mix, Domaine Chandon Brut and fresh berries. Dry ice gives the sip a foggy, frightful feel that’ll suit your spooky spirit.


Osteria Posto: Boo Berry Pop

Nope, your drink isn’t looking at you, although blueberry-stuffed raspberries wrapped in may look like a pair of peepers. Osteria Posto‘s Boo Berry Pop is a nod to a summertime favorite fruit with an eerie twist. Muddled blueberries are the base for the homemade blueberry vodka (obviously), which mixes with rhubarb bitters, freshly squeezed lime juice and just a touch of simple syrup. The result? A red-ish, purple-ish, pinky drink that’s as sweet as it is sinister.


Our Fathers: Practical Magic

Take a cue from Our Fathers, and don’t over-complicate imbibing. The Allston Jewish deli keeps sipping simple with their Practical Magic, made with Bar Hill Tom Cat gin, a chai tea simple syrup, lemon and angostura. It’s a low-fuss, no frills brew with hints of cardamom and cinnamon (thanks to the chai). Use the rosemary sprig garnish as a stirrer for an added herb-y flavor.


Painted Burro: Basic Witch

Skip the pumpkin spice latte in the morning, and save your calories for The Painted Burro‘s Basic Witch bevvie. The Davis Square taqueria has crafted a blend of Banhez mezcal, Ancho Reyes verde, fresh lemon juice, pumpkin shrub and ginger infused agave. The mezcal addition might do you dirty if you’re not used to the smoky flavor — so watch out!


Precinct Kitchen + Bar: Upside Down

Are you a fan of Stranger Things? You’ll love what’s happening at Precinct Kitchen + Bar starting on Thursday, October 26th. The patio area outside of the Loews Hotel is transforming into Hawkins, Indiana, complete with classic arcade games, 80’s tunes every Friday & Saturday night and of course themed cocktails. Sip on the Upside Down cocktail — made with blackberries, lemon, licorice root syrup and gin — to see what other strange things await you.


Rebel’s Guild: Brain Hemorrhage

Things are getting a bit bloody at Rebel’s Guild with their upgraded, larger-format take on a brain hemorrhage shot, which involves curdling Irish cream liqueur in peach schnapps. Looks gross, tastes great. For this version at the Revere Hotel Boston Common spot, they’re using a fruity combo of Bacardi 10 rum, pineapple juice and strawberry purée.


Rosebud: Apple & Synonym

An apple a day keeps the doctor away…so head to Rosebud (for your health!) and get your apple fix via a boozy drink. The Apple & Synonym, made with Rosebud Buffalo Trace Single Barrel, Campari, fresh lemon juice, and heirloom apple purée, will keep you happy, toasty, and out of the doctor’s office.


Spoke Wine Bar: Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

They may be known for their wine-y focus at Spoke but the Davis Square spot is just as thoughtful and creative when it comes to cocktails. Behold their Halloween sipper: Smoke Gets In Your Eyes. This moody little number features hickory smoked Cynar accompanied by Santa Teresa Rum, Varnelli dell’Erborista, egg white and activated charcoal for a scarily good drink.

Sumiao Hunan Kitchen: The Devil’s Nest

Pick your poison with this tequila-based spicy sipper at Sumiao Hunan Kitchen: The Devil’s Nest. Passionfruit purée, lime juice, a dash of grenadine, muddled jalapenos and (obviously) tequila combine in this boozy treat that’s aptly garnished with red chili “horns”. Heads up: it’s not for the faint of heart — the burn is real.


Tico: Jacked Up Lantern

Tico‘s Jacked Up Lantern doesn’t quite resemble a Jack-O’-Lantern, but it’s a whole lot better (and boozier) than any old carved pumpkin. Captain Morgan spiced rum, Crop pumpkin spiced vodka, apple cider and fresh lemon fill up this glass that’s topped with an orange peel twisted around a cinnamon stick. It’s cute, snazzy and perfectly grammable for Insta.


Tiger Mama: Aloha Catrina

Brian Callahan and his bar team have crafted one hell of a globe trotting tiki menu at Tiger Mama—just in time for the creepy season. Meet Aloha Catrina, a Reposado tequila based drink with mezcal, navy strength rum, coconut horchata, Fassionola, Cacao, almond, lime and grapefruit. Inspired by the Day of the Dead, this tropical cocktail with a tiki twist will make you feel like you’re Halloween-ing in Tahiti.

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