Football Specials from Sweet Cheeks

Sweetcheeks Q

Football fandom can be exhausting with all the shopping, cooking, and cleanup added to your weekly regimen of screaming at the TV with your friends. Sweet Cheeks Q is out to make it a little easier with a playbook of takeout specials to suit any appetite every football Sunday, whether you’re tailgating at Foxborough or just wearing jerseys in the living room. Grab The Big Game Supper if you’ve invited the whole team (assuming it’s not a team of vegetarians), with pulled chicken and pork, BBQ beef, sausage, and ribs plus a dozen of Sweet Cheeks’ amazing biscuits and three sides ($229). The Bonez for 4 package feeds a quartet of quarterbacks with pork ribs, chicken wings, and a bucket of fried chicken drumsticks ($89). There will also be rotating specials each week, and you can add a Bucket o’ Biscuits with honey butter to any order ($12). Hungry yet? Check out Sweet Cheeks Q for more info and to place your order.

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