Summertime is G&T Time at Toro

Toro Instagram

Gin plus tonic equals an internationally beloved summertime combo, and Toro in the South End just doubled down on a classic with a new cocktail list full of riffs and reinventions that are perfect for patio season. Refresh yourself with variations on the theme like the California Style G&T, a frozen blend of Junipero gin, Jack Rudy tonic and Angostura bitters; the GTotM (Gin & Tonic of the Moment) with Short Path Spring gin, Pimm’s, Meletti syrup and lemon juice garnished with strawberry and thyme; or the London Style, combining Jensen’s gin, Earl Grey syrup, lemon and tonic in a highball. Check the forecast for prime patio weather and make for the South End to sip G&Ts and snack on tapas all summer long. Call 617.536.4300 if you have questions.

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