Sweet Cheeks for Breakfast

Emma Caffrey

Hey haters, here’s a reason to change your tune about Valentine’s Day: Tiffani Faison is debuting her biscuit breakfast sandwiches at Sweet Cheeks Q  on Wednesday, February 14th. Whether you’re planning on spending the evening alone on your couch or cuddling up over a candlelit dinner for two, you can start the day with any of three versions of the morning sammie: pork belly, egg and cheese ($8); sausage, egg and cheese ($8); and egg and cheese ($6). They all come on one of Faison’s award winning biscuits and they all pair quite nicely with Dan Raia’s hashbrowns ($4) and bottled cold brew from Fazenda ($3.50). There’ll also be hot biscuits with honey butter available ($3.50) for those who prefer the famed treats in their classic form. Swing through the Fenway between 8:00am and 11:00am to brighten up your own (or someone else’s) Valentine’s Day. The take-out-only menu will be available Monday through Friday after that (same hours). You can give ‘em a ring at 617.266.1300 if you have any Qs.

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