New Pastry Chef & Holiday Treats

Dee Steffen Chinn Instagram

Tiger Mama and Sweet Cheeks welcome Dee Steffan Chinn as their new pastry chef and the talented maker-of-sweets is already hard at work upping the pie game at the pair of Fenway restaurants. Permanent additions to the Sweet Cheeks menu include individual mini pies (malted chocolate and peanut butter & jelly) and mini cakes-in-a-jar (German chocolate and Boston cream pie) for $7 each.

If you’re getting desserts for group, Chinn has got you covered with 9-inch pies (each serves five to seven people) for $34 each (in the same flavors at the mini pies), or individual servings of no-bake cheesecake, German chocolate trifle or banana pudding for $4 each (with a minimum order of 10). You can satisfy a whole gaggle of sweets-lovers with the Holiday Cookie Platter, which features thirty cookies in flavors like sugar sprinkle, chocolate peppermint mudslide and snickerdoodle for $45, or the Assorted Brownie Tray which offers thirty brownies in varieties like fudgy chocolate, blondies and gluten-free chocolate for $48. Whatever your after dinner needs, consult the More Sweet, Less Cheek section of the catering menu and call 617.266.1300 to place an order.

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