Get Ready for the High Holidays

Viktoria Hodos/Shutterstock

The high holidays are fast approaching – look to the folks at Vicki Lee’s to do all the culinary heavy lifting for you this year. The Belmont bakery and caterer has special menus for both Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur so you can focus your energy on family instead of the food. Get your Rosh Hashanah order in by Saturday, September 16th so you can celebrate a happy and sweet year with kreplach, noodle kugel and more (see all your delicious options here). Or if you’d rather have them handle your Yom Kippur eats from potato pancakes to beef brisket (all of which are handily listed right here), just give a holler before Saturday, September 23rd.  The number is 617.489.5007.

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