Traveller Bar Travels to Boston

Traveller Bar Website

Take one old-timey elevator car, a library of classic cocktail recipes and a national hotel brand, assemble ingredients at Precinct at the Loews Boston Hotel and garnish with a zinc-topped bar, leather stools and antique cash register and you get The Traveller Bar. This cross-country pop-up’s two-year mission: to visit all twenty-five Loews Hotels and serve delicious turn-of-the-century cocktails. The Traveller Bar, which has already made pit-stops in New Orleans, Annapolis, Atlanta and Philly (and that’s just this year!) is open Tuesdays to Fridays from 4:00-8:00pm until Friday, August 4th so be sure to swing by before then to take a peek and have a drink. There are only four seats (to evoke that exclusive speakeasy feel) so be prepared to go early (and often). Click here for more information about the bar or call the Loews Hotel at 617.266.7200.

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