Football Menu from Forage

David Lee/Shutterstock

Forage might seem an unlikely place to order your Super Bowl spread (owner Stan Hilbert says he’s never seen a single play, let alone an entire game) but the Cambridge restaurant is ready to play come Sunday, February 5th. They’re offering pick-up plates for your at-home entertainment, provided you order by Thursday, February 2nd. The options include snacks like roasted olives, garlicky bean dip and buffalo wings, along with mains like beef brisket chili, baked beans and mushroom melts, and ice cream to finish it all off. Take a peek at the menu below—minimum orders are $100 total and you can call 617.576.5444 to reserve your feast.

Roasted Olives Pint 8
Pickled Veggies Pint 8
Spiced Nuts Pint 8
Rustic Pork Terrine with Toast For 4 people 20
Curated NE 3 cheese plate For 4 people 30
Buffalo Wings 10 wings 12
Cheese Dip Pint 8
Garlicky Bean Dip Pint 8
Olive Tapenade Pint 8

Mixed Green Salad, Shaved Fennel & Cider Vinaigrette for 4 pp 20
Iggy’s Bread for 4 pp 10
Beef Brisket Chili for 4 pp 25
Mac n Cheese with Landaff for 4 pp 20
Baked Beans with Fatback for 4 pp 20
Italian Meatballs in Marinara for 4 pp 25
Grilled Ham & Cheese Sandwich for 4 pp 24
Chicken Salad Sandwich for 4 pp 20
Mushroom Melt Sandwich for 4 pp 24
Blue Cheese Oreos for 4 pp 8

Wild Grape Push Pops for 4 pp 12
Special Flavor Request Pint 11
Vanilla Pint 9
Chocolate Pint 9

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