Patz & Hall & Boston

The folks from renowned Sonoma winemaker, Patz & Hall, made an appearance in Boston earlier this month. Co-founder Heather Patz played hostess, alongside chef Nick Deutmeyer and beverage director Jason Percival, at Post 390 for an expertly crafted four-course meal complete with wine accompaniments.

Patz gave guests a look behind the wine-making scenes with stories about the winery’s beginnings as well as some insights into their focus on single vineyard wines, inspired by the Burgundy tradition of intensified terroir. Deutmeyer and Percival shared menu-planning wisdom, as well, pointing out characteristics of the pours that helped guide the dishes (like, for instance, black tea notes in the Gap’s Crown Pinot Noir that made it to the plate as a subtle black tea sea salt.)

The dinner highlighted a shared commitment to small farmers, showcased in the Patz & Hall approach and in the local, seasonal ingredients favored by the restaurant. Guest favorites included a locally-sourced and house-cured brown sugar ham, slow-roasted and sliced thin for an early summer salad, and a surprise Pinot Noir served with artisanal cheeses for a savory dessert. Read more on the unique Patz & Hall philosophy here and the art of wine dinner planning here—then, pick up a bottle (available at Bauer Wine & Spirits, Bacco’s Wine & Cheese, Whole Foods Market and Wine Emporium) and raise a glass to food & wine.

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