Chef Ben Lacy on Ten Tables’ Cambridge Closing

On Saturday, January 2nd, Ten Tables Cambridge abruptly closed its doors. Chef Benjamin Lacy, who’s been at the helm of the kitchen since May of 2014, had only an inkling that the closing was on the horizon. He shared some of his thoughts on the challenges the Cambridge spot faced, despite the commitment and camaraderie of the hard-working staff.

Says Lacy, who received the news along with the team the day of the closing, “A few of us ‘had a feeling’ but it was a shock when we walked in and were informed that all reservations had been cancelled and we had to get our things and go.” He cites the growing restaurant scene—“the fight to stay relevant is a hard one”—and city-wide staffing challenges —“There’s not enough cooks, there’s not enough servers, there’s not enough managers” —as factors in the sudden shuttering.

While diners will miss the intimate dining atmosphere and innovative cuisine of the Cambridge spot, Lacy will miss his tight-knit team: “I’ve spent so much time pouring myself into the craft and really loving the people I work with. It’s hard emotionally when a great team has to break up. My core staff is my family and I’m working hard to place them with friends in the industry. When you find the ones that truly make a difference to your team, you give them everything you got.”

The original Ten Tables location in Jamaica Plain will remain open with their regular dining hours.

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