Line Up Early for Lunch from Hungry Mother

Station yourself by the side door at Kendall Square’s Hungry Mother on an upcoming Thursday or Friday and you’ll be rewarded with a hefty, Lexington-style pulled pork sandwich from chef Barry Maiden, who tells us the key to his rendition of Southern deliciousness is chopped (not shredded) shoulder (not whole hog) meat lightly sauced on (house-made) white bread. On the last two days of the workweek, Maiden and his team will be wrapping up sandwiches to go for $9 each. Pair it with a cookie ($2), chips ($1), a cola ($1.50) or even a High Life (to be enjoyed on site while you wait) but whatever you do get there early – they start serving at 11:30am and go ‘til the they run out. Call 617.499.0090 for details or directions.

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