January’s New Photo Roundup

Mid-winter updates can be a hard-sell – most chefs would prefer to wait until spring (or summer, or fall – really, just any season other than winter) when they can add some color to their dishes using local produce. But leave it to these pros to show just how beauteous – and delicious – dinner can be (even in the dead of winter). The new year got off to a tasty start with shots from Metropolis Café, Aquitaine and Gaslight. Bondir made its debut. Mistral added six more signature dishes while South End mainstays, B&G Oysters and The Butcher Shop beefed up their portfolios. Sister restaurant Sportello wasn’t to be left behind. To round out the month, Toro and Garden at the Cellar posted some drool-inducing dishes that’ll undo even the most steadfast resolutions. Take a peek through the new pictures to see the dishes that’ll tide us all over until spring.


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