Kingfish Hall Gets Raw

As if their fabulous patio and prime people watching location weren’t enough, Kingfish Hall adds another reason to fight your way through the throngs of Faneuil Hall tourists – a full sushi bar. Chef-owner Todd English and chef Katherine See have just launched a menu that’s full of inspired designer rolls as well as plenty of classics. Splurge on the fanciest of the fancy (the Beantown – spicy lobster salad, fried clams, asparagus and caviar or the Dynamo – jumbo lump crab meat, caviar, cucumber and avocado) for $14 for eight pieces or opt for something more economical – items from the classics section top out at $8 for eight pieces. Best of all, the menu is available until the wee hours – i.e. 1:00am, so you can swing by well after the tourists have gone home. To see if there is a seat available, call them at 617.523.8862.

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