Cafe Marliave’s Table D’Hote

Henry Marliave is credited with being the first in America to host a Table D’Hote (that’s Table of the Host, just so you know) so it’s only fitting that his namesake restaurant would offer their own version of this special tasting menu. In its current incarnation, Marliave’s Table D’Hote consists of eight courses, lovingly prepared by chef Scott Herritt, and is served Monday through Saturday until 9:00pm in the upstairs dining room. The menu, which costs $100 (a far cry from it’s original price of 75 cents back in Henry Marliave’s day), requires that the entire table partake, so round up a few of your most epicurean friends and make an evening of it. Call 617.422.0004 for more information or to reserve your table.

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