Anthont Susi Unveils Special Sunday Menu

No need to worry about Sunday night dinner, now that chef-owner Anthony Susi has unveiled his Domenico Classico menu. Available in addition to the regular offerings at Sage, Domenico Classico starts out with a pasta course (something like tagliatelle or baked lasagna with classic tomato sauce served with polpetti, braciolitini and sausage) followed by a salad course (along the lines of simple mixed greens tossed with aged balsamic and olive oil, served with choice of fresh mozzarella or aged pecorino). Susi tops it all off with something a little sweet (like traditional house-made cannoli or biscotti served with espresso). The menu’s $28 ticket price doesn’t cover tax or gratuity but will certainly pay for some peace of mind when it comes to planning you end of the weekend meal. Call Sage at 617.248.8814 for reservations and more information.

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