Infusionique from Robert Fathman

Azure’s culinary daredevil, chef Robert Fathman, takes to the bottle with the launch of Infusionique, an original line of small batch, hand-infused spirits spiked with all-natural, ingredients like figs, mangoes, ginger and vanilla bean. Fathman, known for his ability to marry unexpected flavors, began fiddling with infusions nearly twenty five years ago after trying his father’s peaches and brandy. These days he’s got it down to a science with three handmade, hand-bottled and mouth-tested concoctions: Infusion Diabolique™ Bourbon, made from Premium Kentucky Bourbon with fresh figs, vanilla bean, cinnamon; Infusion Diabolique™ Rum, consisting of premium Virgin Island Rum with lemon, orange and ginger; and Infusion Angelique™ Tequila, composed of 100% Blue Agave Tequila with fresh mango, lime and Hawaiian pineapple. Each contains additional “secret” ingredients that are…well, a secret. Look for Infusionique products behind the bar at Azure, City Bar and other select restaurants around town (like Anthem, Red Rock Bistro and Union Bar & Grill. You can also pick up a bottle at Brix Wine Shop in the South End (for $35 each).

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