Whaling in Oklahoma – Servers

Though you wipe your hands and brush off the dust and dirt from the vessels, what is the use of all this fuss if the heart is still impure?” Omotenashi does not ask for flawless skills, but a pure heart – which leads back to these keywords: serve wholeheartedly.” – Japanese Tea Master, Sen no Rikyu

Whaling In Oklahoma is searching for servers to join its team on their maiden voyage in the South End. Whaling is dedicated to quality food, attentive service, and the team work it requires to deliver both.

A genuine dedication to learning, attention to detail, patience, and an appreciation of guests and the team is a must. When they sail together they float or fail together!

Whaling In Oklahoma is an equal opportunity employer.

Please send resumes to the address below.

Show me how to apply

How to apply

Email: claire@whalinginoklahoma.com

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