WECO – Sous Chefs, Cooks & Dishwashers

Weco is a close knit team of individuals, united under a common goal to bring their guests the highest quality flavors and ingredients at a reasonable price. Transcending standard restaurant takeout/delivery, they offer compartmentalized, family style meals prepared fresh daily using sustainably and ethically sourced product.

They are an ever-growing startup that is looking to expand and push their limits over the next coming years. Because of this, they are hiring talented, dedicated and motivated individuals to become part of their core team.

Currently, they are operating in two locations in Acton and Randolph, and looking to expand to a third. Applicants must be flexible and accommodating to any changes in location or hours over the course of their employment. Remember, this is a startup. Things change every day.

Working in a WECO kitchen requires strict attention to detail and impeccable consistency. Chefs and cooks must be able to execute high volume menus daily with zero room for error. Organization, time management, and a sense of urgency is necessary.

WECO employees are required to have a personal vehicle or consistently reliable method of transportation. Good hygiene, manners, and attitude are a must. There is no division between front and back of house. All team members share the same goal- to bring the product to the people, and for that product to exceed all expectations. Mediocrity is not an option. They require their staff to bring their best energy and enthusiasm to work every day.

They have entry level positions available, and the only qualifications you will need for these positions are a good attitude, work ethic, and willingness to learn. Along with the typical requirements of good hygiene, respect for self and others, etc.

Line cook job requirements:

  • Some sort of formal training in a professional kitchen setting
  • Experience working with a variety of cuisines and ingredients
  • Willingness to grow, learn, and develop as a professional
  • Basic understanding of ingredient manipulation and cooking processes
  • High level comprehension of units of measurement and conversions
  • Proficient knife skills/experience with kitchen equipment and appliances
  • Desire to produce quantity while maintaining quality
  • Strong organizational and time management skills
  • A good work ethic/attitude is very important
  • Ability to follow recipes diligently, and understand the path to the desired product
  • You’re gonna wash dishes. Everyone washes dishes.
  • Respect is key. Self respect and respect for others is a must.
  • Personal hygiene (duh). They are professionals!
  • Flexibility in shift hours and location
  • Reliable method of transportation

Chef job requirements:

  • Strong leadership/motivational skills. Ability to drive your team to achieve a common goal, and maintaining high morale throughout the shift.
  • Delegation and management- communicate between the chef and the team to determine who does what, when, where, and how.
  • High concept understanding of a variety of cooking processes and technique
  • Extensive knowledge of ingredients/manipulation of those ingredients
  • Ability to react and adapt on the fly to daily challenges/changes
  • Proficient in recipe testing and development/improvement
  • Ability to hire and schedule team members
  • No cutting corners- understanding the value of each step in the process, how everything comes together to produce a perfect final product, and facilitating flawless production from you and your team.
  • A willingness to work. Everyone does menial tasks, everyone washes dishes. A management position does not put you above the cooks. It just means that you have more responsibility.
  • An understanding that your job is being built around a startup. They are looking for individuals who are prepared to take on an entirely new challenge. This is not a restaurant. They are building this plane as it is taking off.
  • Honor the product. Take pride in your work. This is important.
  • Respect is key. Self respect and respect for others is a must.
  • Personal hygiene (duh). They are professionals!
  • Flexibility in shift hours and location
  • Reliable method of transportation

Apply via the email address provided below.

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How to apply

Email: Gavin@wecohospitality.com

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