WECO Hospitality – Production Manager

WECO Hospitality is a daily meal delivery service, building the future of dinner by connecting families with chefs who make freshly-prepared, ethically-sourced dinners every weekday. Their offering is at the crossroads of healthy, sustainable meals, local farm-to-table ingredients, creative chef talent, and families who want to dine together at home. Everything they do serves both their customers and the communities they’re in––they care deeply about being a positive part of a healthy food ecosystem.

Their transparent, stakeholder-driven approach to sustainability, their unique business model, and their trust-based, flexible payment system, combined with their delicious dinners, have engendered a tribal level of customer engagement and love and an unprecedented level of growth.

Chefs often work brutally long hours, nights, weekends, and holidays hidden away in kitchens. They rarely get recognized for the beautiful food they create. WECO provides a healthy, positive work environment, fair hours and pay, and recognition for the team who works so hard to create great food.

What You’ll Do:
WECO is looking for a Production Manager to lead their high volume production kitchen making direct to consumer prepared dinners. You’ll play a central role in creating productive kitchen systems and teams to support WECO’s rapid growth. The production manager will oversee all production and ensure the cooks and staff follow all recipes, specifications and guidelines. You lead by example exhibiting your culinary talents by personally performing tasks, leading staff and managing all food related functions.

  • Oversee entire production and execution of all components for each day’s menu
  • Organize and participate in the portioning and packaging of food, establishing presentation criteria
  • Have strong time management skills to make efficient use of kitchen space, equipment and employee capacity
  • Comfortable handling various administrative responsibilities related to menu organization, recipe definition, vendor and order facilitation, and staff management
  • Manage day-to-day staffing: coaching, professional development, disciplinary actions, and overall kitchen morale
  • Have the knowledge of local health rules, regulations, and food handling, ensuring food is cooled to appropriate temperature for packing
  • Strict attention to allergies and dietary preferences as necessary

Your prior experience and skills should include:

  • 3 to 5 years experience as a chef in a high production kitchen, ideally in hotels, banquet halls or large scale catering environments
  • Experience managing execution of 1000-2000 meals a day with multiple components
  • Effective leadership skills and experience managing teams of different experience levels
  • Strong communication skills, organization, attention to detail and focus.
  • Proficient in google and microsoft suite programs
  • Passionate about WECO’s focus on seasonal products, supporting local sustainable food systems and bringing families back to the dinner table

WECO is headquartered in the Boston area, this role will need to be on site at their kitchen locations.

Compensation commensurate with experience, WECO offers full benefits including medical and dental insurance, PTO, sick time.

Show me how to apply

How to apply

Email: anna@wecohospitality.com

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