Waterhouse – Executive Chef

The Waterhouse is a seasonal high end restaurant seating 140 in the summer and 100 in the winter in the picturesque small New England town of Peterborough, NH approx. 60 miles from Boston. They are looking for an Executive Chef to join their team. They are looking for a highly motivated person who has good management skills as well as proven hands on experience/knowledge of all aspects of restaurant operations. They offer the opportunity to steer our restaurant to the next level. This is the perfect place for an energetic, upwardly mobile person either searching for the opportunity to run their own show or for a more experienced chef/manager who would like a change from the big city restaurant scene and would appreciate living and working in the more relaxed atmosphere of a small New England town.

They have been in business for over 8 years, and have a solid kitchen and FOH staff in place. Among other interesting aspects not found in most restaurants is that they supply the restaurant from our own vegetable/flower gardens, offer their own grass fed beef and have an exceptional and well-priced Reserve Wine List.

Please send resumes to the email address below or call the restaurant at the below number.

Show me how to apply

How to apply

Contact: Cy Gregg
Email: cgregg@photran.com
Phone: 603-731-5415

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