True Bistro – Line Cook

True Bistro, an established plant based restaurant in Somerville, is looking to hire a full time line cook. They are a small team that work together and are looking for someone to come join them Wednesday through Sunday to work the dinner line. They cross train cooks on garde manger, fry station and saute, as well as on expediting.

Professional cooking experience is a huge plus! If you can read tickets, call them back, work with other cooks to plate at the same time and can work clean then they can teach you the rest! No experience needed in their style of cooking, they are happy to train for that.

They recently implemented a 4% surcharge (kitchen appreciation program, or KAP) to all tickets that is dedicated towards raising the wages in the BOH. They will offer a competitive base wage depending on your experience, with the KAP in addition.

They work with folks from all backgrounds and various countries. They do their best to keep it both professional and friendly in their kitchen and are looking for someone that appreciates a team that always is looking to help each other out.

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