Trinktisch – Food Service & Support Team

As a member of the food service and support team you will be required to master all aspects of what it means to be part of Trinktisch. This starts with the beverages they serve, winding through the intricate details, ingredients, and process of the food they offer, and finishes with the care and attention they provide for every customer.

You’ll work alongside the team to learn how to prepare excellent European inspired dishes, and develop an understanding of just exactly how important guest satisfaction and enjoyment is to them.

Preferred Skills:
– love and passion for food and beer
– culinary experience, with prep and knife skills
– ordering and receiving experience
– line cook experience
– ability to follow recipes

– Executing menu items, effectively and efficiently
– Work well with others
– Lead other team members, occasionally
– Be punctual for shifts and attend to job responsibilities, on a daily basis

All Trinktisch Support Roles start at $18/hour. Each member of the team receives a proportionate share of tips, based on the number of hours worked each week.

They are committed to diversity as a team and hiring underrepresented groups, especially across the communities in which they service.

Apply via the email address provided below.

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