Toro – Line Cooks

Toro is looking to hire Line Cooks. They offer competitive pay and benefits, provide a welcoming and inclusive environment and offer a 3% Wellness Fee for every kitchen employee. Line cooks will have access to working with the best ingredients around, seasonal produce and seafood, local and international purveyors and the opportunity to learn fundamental cookery, being part of a strong and passionate team, and growing within a chef owned/chef operated company.

They are always open to ideas and creativity within a constantly evolving restaurant.

Toro is committed to authentic experiences, phenomenal food and the finest service they can offer. It takes every person striving to be their best to accomplish what they do there. What you are capable of and how hard you work is what they are looking for.

Toro is an open-minded, progressive, meritocracy. They embrace every member of their community equally. Email chef Josh Elliott if you’d like to join the team.

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