The Langham, Boston – Sous Chef

The Sous Chef is directly responsible for the daily supervision, management and direction of the outlet kitchens including Grana, The Fed, and Private Kitchen. The position requires practical creativity to develop a variety of innovative cuisine while working with the Executive Chef to maintain profit goals. A thorough knowledge of food handling and preparation techniques is essential. The Sous Chef is required to have a hands-on approach to assist in training of all culinary team members, in the importance of consistency in both production and presentation. Direct responsibilities include daily supervision of the food production schedule and staffing. Management of the variable kitchen operating costs including food and labor, culinary event staffing and inventory management, product ordering, sanitation and safety.


  • To oversee production and execution of food preparation for outlets.
  • Organize, oversee, and participate in the plating of food for service, according to established plating and presentation criteria.
  • Ensure the food is of the highest quality and ready to be served to the guest at the appropriate time.
  • Assist in controlling costs by effective purchasing of food and maintaining food cost goals as well as monitoring labor levels.
  • Manage day-to-day staffing such as coaching and counseling, disciplinary actions, and overall kitchen morale.
  • Maintain a professional presence while staying calm and confident.
  • Meet the guest needs by developing and maintaining effective relationships in both internal and external customers.
  • Have the knowledge of local health rules, regulations, and food handling.


General knowledge of menu development, costing, and BEO distribution. Advanced knowledge of culinary technique and application. Personable and able to convey messages clearly and concisely. Ability to adapt to changing demands as related to a food and beverage operation.


Food Safety:  Abides by local and national food safety requirements and ensures that others do so by monitoring FIFO inventory and visually inspecting food preparation, delivery activities, and overall cleanliness of the operation.


Degree in Culinary Arts preferred, 2 to 4 years’ experience in a 4-5 star hotel or independent restaurant in a kitchen management role.

To apply, please send your resume to the email provided below.

Employment Type(s): Full-time
Base Pay: $80,000+/year

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How to apply

Contact: Sara Fogarty

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