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The Canteen, a fast-paced, fast-casual, community-focused institution located in Provincetown, Massachusetts, is looking for a chef manager to take over the day-to-day operation of their back-of-house as their chef/co-owner takes on other responsibilities. They are seeking someone who will bring a similar passion, care, leadership and skill level to the position as she/he makes their kitchen her/his own.

This is a phenomenal opportunity for someone looking to make a mark on a respected restaurant with strong systems and traditions but that still has room for change, improvement and growth. It is also a rare opportunity to step into a flourishing family-owned business that values its team members and the quality of its work environment, all within the setting of Provincetown, a beautiful, dynamic and unique seaside town.

The role of chef manager is to lead the kitchen as it matures into a well-adjusted, highly performing and self-managed entity of the restaurant. The chef manager will oversee kitchen operations throughout all four of their widely varying
seasons: During the summer when they serve thousands of guests each day with a kitchen staff of over 25 people; during the winter when their back-of-house staff drops to 4 other full time workers; and during the variable spring and fall periods that serve as the transitions between their busy and slower seasons. The responsibilities and focus of the job evolves throughout the year to meet the unique challenges of each season.

Their team cares deeply about producing a strong product, creating a positive work environment, and always striving to do and be better each day. Their team members also genuinely care about the well being and health of the company and each other. They hope to add someone to their team who will thrive in that environment or even push us to do and be better.

General Information

Job Title: Chef Manager

Location: 225 Commercial Street Provincetown, MA 02657

Employment Type: Year-round, full-time, salaried, 50 hours/week average

Availability: Flexible availability with weekends, evenings, and holidays required.

Minimum required experience: 2-3 years experience cooking in a restaurant and 1-2 years of experience in a kitchen manager or supervisor role. Experience in and/or understanding of a fast-casual kitchen prefered.

Compensation: Negotiated depending on experience and history. Starting point is

Contact Information: Rob Anderson at the email below

Housing: Their company offers below-market-rate rental housing to their employees.

Job Summary: The chef manager oversees everyone and everything that enters their kitchen. The chef manager assembles, trains, motivates and manages their kitchen team.

She/he manages all things food related, from ordering and prepping to cooking and storing. She/he is also responsible for the kitchen facility and equipment. In addition, the chef manager performs administrative tasks and attends weekly manager meetings. The chef manager collaborates with an assistant manager, his/her kitchen crew, their commissary kitchen chef manager, their FoH manager, and their two owners/managing partners.

Their kitchen operation is split over two locations: Their restaurant kitchen, the front line of their operation where food is prepared and plated to be served to their guests; and their commissary kitchen, a kitchen about one mile away where the bulk of their food is prepped, cooked, portioned and then delivered to the restaurant. The chef manager leads their restaurant kitchen and works in collaboration with the chef manager of their commissary kitchen.

Their Performance Expectations are:

Essential Functions:
○ Guides the kitchen to meet the demands of each day, week, month and season
○ Oversees and/or works the line, the expediting station, and/or the prep station depending on the shift/day/season
○ Demonstrates leadership skills; inspires and motivates others to perform well
○ Arrives on time for all scheduled shifts, meetings, and trainings
○ Responsible for hiring, training, coaching, and performance reviews for back of house staff, following the principles of servant leadership, stewardship and the Canteen’s management approach
○ Schedules staff based upon anticipated volume and coordination of balanced
line-cook teams
○ Encourages a positive, energetic workflow. Praises positive behaviors, corrects errors and enforces kitchen rules.
○ Inspects and tastes all food to ensure it looks and tastes as we want it to everyday. Visually checks and weighs food to ensure portion sizes are correct.
○ Ensures tickets are sent out quickly and in complete order.
○ Minimizes all waste.
○ Understands and follows local health and safety requirements; ensures health standards are upheld.
○ Oversees safety of their food, kitchen facilities and kitchen staff.
○ Resolves any customer complaints that are “passed up” from staff and/or asks for help from a manager or managing partner
○ Provides hands-on help if needed by any of their teams, including facilitating the resolution of conflicts between or within teams
○ Is able to prepare all dishes according to Canteen specifications
○ Maintains inventory of food, dry goods, smallwares, equipment and linens. Ensures all orders are made on time, checked in and put away properly.
○ Leads back of house staff in cleaning and maintaining of all back of house areas, equipment and fixtures, coordinating with the managing partners and cleaning crew
○ Ensures front of house has the information to update point of sales system and menu as needed
○ Establishes and maintains good communication and a positive working relationship with front of house manager, managing partners, and back of the house staff
○ Open availability including weekends and holidays
○ Attends weekly manager meetings to represent back of house

The Success Patterns for this position are:
○ Minimum 2-3 years experience, preferably in a fast-casual restaurant
○ Minimum 1-2 years of experience in a manager or supervisor role, preferably of a fast-casual restaurant
○ Inventory and costing experience preferred
○ Strong and effective written and verbal communication skills
○ Great problem solving skills, especially in-the-moment
○ Serv-Safe Certification
○ Has an appreciation for and working knowledge of great food
○ Provides leadership that inspires teamwork, generates energy, enthusiasm, and drives results
○ Has a reputation for excellent relations with kitchen staff, front of house staff, supervisors
○ Has the ability to design, implement, and to continuously improve the systems and procedures that lead to success
○ Has experience in the training and development of staff members
○ Is self-directed and able to work independently, as well as be an integral member of a management team
○ Able to work holidays, weekends, events, and other peak periods of the restaurant business

Successful Candidates will have the following Personal Characteristics:
○ An outgoing personality who can create and build energy around them
○ Excellent verbal and written communication skills
○ An ability to work independently and as a team member, balancing team and individual responsibilities
○ Passionate about great food and great service
○ Leadership style consistent with the Canteen’s business practices
○ Excellent planning, organization, and coordination skills
○ Comfortable making decisions and problem solving, can handle complexity and paradox
○ High level of interest in learning about food, people, and business
○ Possesses strong interpersonal skills and able to work easily with diverse people and groups

Physical Demands
○ Bending, stooping, walking, and standing for long periods at a time
○ Must be able to safely relocate up to 50 lbs.
○ Able to go up/down stairs multiple times across the day (office is upstairs)

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