Talulla – Chef

Talulla, a restaurant in the Huron Village neighborhood in Cambridge, MA, is owned and operated by husband and wife team, Conor Dennehy and Danielle Ayer. Named after their infant daughter, Talulla is a small, intimate dining space with only twelve tables. We focus on warm, personable and refined service— gracious hospitality and empathy are must have attributes for applicants. Talulla will source products and produce from local farms for a menu that changes by the day. Everything at Talulla is made from scratch, so a passion to learn, grow and teach are a must if you want to become a member of our wonderful family.

We’re also dedicated to the continuation of education. We commend and support traveling abroad and staging in prestigious kitchens to help refine your craft—we’re willing to invest in our team so that we can shine. In addition to educational perks, we are also offering competitive wages and benefits.

Currently, we are seeking a part time chef. Passion, dedication and a willingness to learn and inspire are qualities that we’re seeking! This position is one that offers opportunity for growth within our company, but also provides flexibility with scheduling. Experience and readiness to jump right in are a plus.

Thank you for your time and consideration!

Employment Type(s): Part Time

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How to apply

Email: kitchen@talullacambridge.com

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