Sunset Club – BOH Positions

The Sunset Club and The Paddle Inn, led by Executive Chef/co-owner Suzi Maitland and Chef de Cuisine Michael Dyer, are now hiring!

Starlite Management Group, which includes Trina’s Starlite Lounge and Parlor Sports in Somerville, take great pride in inclusivity and equality. Our restaurant group not only creates a welcoming work environment but strives to help motivated individuals from any background make a career in this incredible industry. We are focused on bridging the pay-gap between servers/bartenders and kitchen staff by blurring the lines between the front and back of the house. We not only offer above average hourly pay, but profit sharing for our entire kitchen team. In addition, every guest has the ability to tip the kitchen specifically. This means earnings in excess of $30 dollars per hour most weeks.

Chef Suzi’s culinary program has received numerous local and national awards and has been featured several times on the Food Network. She, along with the rest of the Starlite Management team, has used this platform to be an industry-leader and vocal proponent of equality in the workplace for women, undocumented workers, people of color and the LGBTQIA community.

Whether you’re just looking for some extra shifts or a forever home where you can grow and propel a career in the hospitality business, we could be your spot. If you want to be well-paid, work with an amazing team, be respected, be appreciated and create food that you can be proud of, then we have a place for you in our ever-growing company.

To apply, please send your resume to the email provided below.

Employment Type(s): Full-time, Part-time
Base Pay: $18-$25/hour

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How to apply

Contact: Suzi Maitland

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