Start Line Brewery – Cooks and Dishwasher

Start Line Brewing Company is looking for motivated, hardworking Line Cooks and Kitchen Utility/Dishwashers who are passionate about preparing excellent food. At Start Line Brewing, they are committed to hiring detail-oriented individuals who work hard, hold their guests and each other in high regard, and love what they do.

Line Cooks at Start Line Brewing Company assist in daily operation of the kitchen to deliver an outstanding food experience for their guests. Line cooks must be team oriented, self-driven, and passionate about the quality and presentation of the food they are preparing. A focus on clean work stations, exceeding sanitation standards, and operating efficiently and professionally in a fast-paced environment is expected from all employees.

Line Cook Duties:
– Prepare fresh ingredients in a professional scratch kitchen
– Learn recipes and execute techniques well (portioning, plating, knowledge of ingredients for allergies, etc.)
– Receive and execute orders according to recipes and procedures
– Learn seasonal menu, specials menu, and how they incorporate local ingredients
– Ensure that preparation and presentation meets all standards and specifications
– Work line through volume
– Assist with daily operations of the kitchen
– Communicate effectively with other members of kitchen staff as well as other restaurant/brewery employees
– Maintain a safe, orderly, and sanitized kitchen
– Carry out closing procedures for station and/or kitchen (cleaning, putting ingredients away, etc.)
– Occasionally expediting and closing kitchen in Executive Chef’s absence
– Additional duties as directed by Executive Chef

Line Cook Skills and Attributes:
-Must be able to perform well in a fast-paced environment
-Ability to read recipes, follow training and direction, memorize and replicate production procedures
-Skills and coordination to safely use kitchen utensils and equipment
-Capability to learn, develop, and improve in the role

Line Cook Requirements:
-Applicants must be at least 18 years of age
-Must have ServSafe Certification
-Minimum 1 year of cooking experience, 2-5 years preferred
-Flexible work hours including nights, weekends, and holidays
-Background in restaurant industry preferred

Full time and part time non-exempt positions available. (10-40 hours/week)

The Utility/Dishwasher position plays a crucial role in supporting the kitchen staff and guest experience at Start Line Brewing Company. Individuals in this position must be professional, positive, team oriented, and self-motivated. This position is mainly focused on maintaining a clean kitchen and restaurant area but will also assist the kitchen with other duties when necessary.

Kitchen Utility/Dishwasher Duties:
-Clearing of glassware, plates, cooking pots, pans, and utensils in the kitchen
-Run and stock of glassware, plates, cooking pots, pans, and utensils
-Emptying, cleaning, and replacing bus buckets
-Regularly checking bathrooms and ensuring sanitation standards are met
-Taking trash out to dumpster when full
-Occasional Equipment maintenance
-Sweeping and mopping floors
-Re-stocking various kitchen supply inventory (glassware, napkins, ice, etc.)
-Communicate effectively with Kitchen and Tap Room staff
-Carry out any additional duties as directed by Executive Chef and Tap Room Manager

Kitchen Utility/Dishwasher Skills and Attributes:
-Motivated, hardworking contributor in a fast-paced environment
-Sufficient people skills, enthusiasm, and professional demeanor
-Ability to follow training, procedures, and directions

Must be at least 16 years of age.
Working knowledge of kitchen equipment and supplies preferred.
Part time and full-time non-exempt positions available. (10-40 hours/week)

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