Star Academy for the Gifted & Talented – Cook

Star Academy for the Gifted & Talented, a private school in Watertown, MA that caters to international families (especially from Eastern Europe), is hiring a cook for an immediate opening.

They feed 175 people daily ranging in age from preschool to adults (teachers). They serve light breakfast with seasonal hot breakfasts (oatmeal, millet, etc). Lunches are exceptionally nutritious with a soup starter, meat, grains, fresh vegetables every day. Meals are served on a very tight schedule to accommodate class times.

Their after school program serves hot and cold light meals to about half of their student population who stay until 6:00pm.

This is a perfect job for a person with a family of their own. They prefer staff who are available 730am to 3:30pm. Other schedules will be considered. Those with the desire for overtime may wish to work until 5:30pm. Midday breaks are available after lunch is served.

You would have help from a trained staff of 1-2 other assistants. Ability to speak Russian and/or Portuguese is helpful for the job, but by no means required.

Daily requirements: oversee serving of three meals in various areas of their Watertown location. Oversee and participate in full cleaning of all dishes associated with serving and eating these meals. Prep meals for the following day. Weekly ordering of food.

Their meals are pre-planned, but some guidance on preferred methods are encouraged. A daily sample lunch is braised chicken thighs in a vegetable medley served over rice or buckwheat. Cabbage soup or Borscht for a soup option. Cucumbers and tomatoes on the side. Breakfast is usually cereal and milk. Afterschool snack is typically turkey and swiss on mini croissants. Strawberries, melon, and crackers on the side.

Skills required: ability to work quickly and create your own space within a small kitchen and storage space. Ability to work with pre-existing staff. Knowledge of European food styles, food allergies, and food for children is necessary. Ability to work in the United States is necessary. CORI and SORI checks are mandatory.

Salary is commensurate with experience in this field.

To apply, send your resume to the email address provided below.

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