Spyce – Research & Development Chef

Spyce is a fast-casual restaurant concept at the intersection of food, hospitality and technology; making cravable, nutritious food at a broadly accessible price point. Their restaurant features a robotic kitchen that cooks and serves delicious meals. You would be joining a team that includes MIT engineers and Michelin star chefs aligned in achieving a goal of revolutionizing the food industry with amazing food, thoughtful design and cutting-edge robotics.

As the Research and Development Chef, you will help them execute the food vision developed by their VP of Food and Beverage. First and foremost, they’re looking for someone with serious cooking chops and deep knowledge and passion for ingredients and technique. In addition, this role will deep dive into each of their potential menu offerings – if the idea of being the undisputed expert in the taste, nutrition, costing and process for creating a massaman curry grain bowl (for example) excites you, this job is for you! Finally, your experience with understanding and translating customer insights into menu improvements and your passion for healthy, nutritious food will help them build the future of accessible and affordable cuisine.

What You’ll Do

Culinary Excellence

  • Drive the culinary excellence of their company through food-forward thinking and passion for all things gastronomic

Menu Development

  • Work closely with their culinary and engineering teams to develop the next iteration of their menu
  • Cost out and analyze nutritional makeup of potential menu offerings
  • Create and maintain excellent documentation for all elements of their menu including suppliers and prep
  • Conduct menu R&D and extensive testing with the robotic technology

Customer Insights

  • Collect and quantify customer feedback and implement menu additions or improvements and conduct customer studies and focus group testing on new menu items
  • Enhance their offering for secondary use cases, including children and others

Who You Are


  • 3+ years of experience in recipe and menu development and/or experience as a development chef
  • Extensive knowledge of the fast-casual industry, including suppliers, prep techniques and operations
  • Previous experience quantifying customer feedback and conducting customer testing
  • Deep understanding of customer tastes and palettes, including experience developing menus for specialized diets including vegan, gluten free, etc.


  • Some background in food science
  • Excellent analytical and quantitative skills
  • Excellent using Excel, Word and Google Sheets, and generally software savvy
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