Anonymous – Executive Chef

They are looking for an experienced and qualified Executive Chef to organize the kitchen’s activities. Someone with a minimum of 3 years experience commanding a full service kitchen. You will be the first in command in the facilities and will create and inspect dishes before they arrive at the customers ensuring high quality and contentment.
Control and direct the food preparation process and any other relative activities
Modify menus or create new ones that meet quality standards
Approve and “polish” dishes before they reach the customer
Plan orders of equipment or ingredients according to identified shortages
Arrange for repairs when necessary
Remedy any problems or complaints
Be fully in charge of hiring, managing and training kitchen staff
Oversee and delegate kitchen staff’s activities
Estimate staff’s workload and compensations
Comply with nutrition and sanitation regulations and safety standards
Foster a climate of cooperation and respect between co-workers

Full time availability, competitive salary with benefits package. Please forward your resume with references.

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How to apply


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