Sofra – FOH/Retail Manager

Sofra is seeking an eager and dedicated leader to join their front of house team and to manage their retail program. The person in this position works closely with the barista manager and general manager to develop a front of house staff that is knowledgeable, kind and invested. The retail manager and front of house management team must also continually push themselves to collaborate on ideas that will benefit the efficiency and hospitality of Sofra for staff and guests alike.

With the support of the front of house management team, the retail manager is also expected to lead the retail program. This requires them to collaborate with Executive Chefs/Owners Ana Sortun and Maura Kilpatrick on sourcing ingredients from vendors they believe in, and finding ways to highlight those items on their retail shelves in a way that shares the story and the mission behind them. The retail manager is expected to not only educate guests on their products by maintaining a presence in the café, but also to thoroughly train staff so that they feel confident in advising guests on how their retail products can be used. Along with sharing front of house responsibilities including opening and closing, hiring and training, and daily staff-oriented tasks, the retail manager is expected to maintain the retail shelves through stocking, inventory and thoughtful presentation.

The person in this position should be excited to:

· Manage a curious and eager team
· Organize deliberate and consistent staff trainings
· Research new products that suit their principles and cuisine
· Collaborate with chefs and owners in order to keep items stocked despite high business volume
· Invest to front of house training and operations
· Develop relationships with guests
· Lead the charge on special holiday retail items and packaging
· Take initiative to better Sofra as a whole
· Demonstrate excellent follow through on projects and accountabilities
· Demonstrate time management that allows for prioritizing staff and guests without allowing the retail program to fall behind
· Lead with patience, warmth and confidence

The retail manager position is a salaried position, working 45 hours a week with consistent days off (under normal circumstances). Salary is commensurate with experience. They offer opportunities for growth, discounts to their restaurants (Oleana, Sarma and Siena Farms) and a full-time salary + benefits.

If interested, please send a note about why you are interested in the position along with your resume to General Manager, Maggie Walsh at the email below

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