Shy Bird – Sous Chef

Scope & General Purpose: Lead and manage the kitchen team at Shy Bird in collaboration with other managers and ownership. The primary focuses of this role will be team leadership & management, kitchen operations, and menu development.

In order to thrive in this role you must:

  • Recognize that your success is directly correlated with your ability to facilitate success and growth for others.
  • Lead and manage with empathy, humility, positivity, and tenacity. Cultivate meaningful, professional relationships built on these principals and the tenets of leadership included below.
  • Be curious and creative.
  • Embrace the ‘all in, all day’ philosophy of Shy Bird wherein everyone collaborates and contributes to the whole.
  • Seek to make Shy Bird as busy as possible from your role in leadership.

Schedule: Full Time, Averaging 50 hours/week. As dictated by the needs, recognizing that balance between time in the restaurant and away is critical to being successful.

Management Structure: Reports to and works closely with Chef de Cuisine

Professional Resources: Works closely with Service Management Team


  • Manage and lead prep cooks, line cooks, and dish team across all service periods.
  • Support management and leadership of all teams, service and kitchen, as needed by schedule.
  • Commit to teaching incoming line and prep cooks knife skills, cooking techniques, food safety and other necessary skills.
  • Motivate those around you, leading by example and modeling behaviors for the team.
  • Teach others to properly use and maintain all kitchen equipment and spaces.
  • Advocate for food and beverage education for kitchen and service team.

Kitchen & Restaurant Operations:

  • Understand line operations and duties of all stations, including prep and dishwashing.
  • Maintain accurate prep lists, build sheets, and order guides.
  • Conduct shift based line checks ensuring product quality & portioning.
  • Ensure proper dish execution across all facets of the restaurant.
  • Display commitment to volume oriented service with precise execution.
  • Work line shifts as needed.
  • Manage kitchen sanitation, instruct and teach others to keep kitchen to health code.
  • Open and close the restaurant from a kitchen and service perspective as needed by the schedule.
  • Understand the importance of expediting across all service periods
  • Communicate important information to the full Shy Bird management team regarding the menu and overall kitchen operations when necessary.
  • Participate in and help oversee off sites, public events and marketing opportunities.


  • Commitment to learning for yourself to feed creativity.
  • Participate in menu development and specials as appropriate.
  • Encourage creative dialogue around food with kitchen and service teams.


  • Understand food cost and how it affects the financial viability of the restaurant.
  • Track purchasing based on existing systems.
  • Participate in monthly inventory counts and data entry.
  • Be conscious of labor cost and manage hours efficiently based on business levels.

To apply, please send your resume to the email provided below.

Employment Type(s): Full-time
Base Pay: $60K - $70K (+ Signing Bonus & Incentives)/year

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How to apply

Contact: Eli Feldman

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