Shy Bird – Assistant Manager

Shy Bird is a rotisserie, cafe, and bar with locations in Cambridge’s Kendall Square and South Boston. Our service is casual, sincere and defined by our ‘All In, All Day’ mentality. Shy Bird has an innovative, nimble and modern take on restaurant operations and hospitality.

Scope & General Purpose: Shy Bird is a growing multi-faceted business, incorporating multiple service periods and a number of opportunities to reach guests, including takeout, delivery, and catering. The in-house guest experience is the most critical aspect of Shy Bird. The primary focuses of this role will be in-service leadership, oversight of morning shifts and catering execution.

This position will be active in service as a team member in both a server & barista capacity, in addition to the responsibilities listed below.

In order to thrive in this role you must:

  • Seek to make Shy Bird as busy as possible through building guest relationships, operations, leadership, creativity, and adaptability.
  • Recognize that your success directly correlates with the ability to help others succeed and grow.
  • Lead and work with empathy, humility, positivity, and tenacity.
  • Cultivate meaningful, professional relationships built on these principals and the tenets of leadership included below.
  • Be willing to make mistakes, learn from them and continually improve.

Schedule: Full Time, Wednesday – Sunday, 8AM-4PM. Subject to change.

Management Structure: Reports to Seth Corliss, General Manager

Guest Responsibilities

  • Cultivate guest experiences, both in the restaurant and off-premise, that are reflective of Shy Bird values, hospitality and product offerings
  • Support all Shy Bird initiatives, both spontaneous and strategic, supporting guest acquisition and sales growth

Shift Leadership

  • Set a floor map for AM servers
  • Use OpenTable to manage and plan for large parties/VIPs
  • Work with management to make sure restaurant is appropriately staffed
  • Care for restaurant appearance
  • Maintenance of day to day checklists
  • Par checks (brewing/ ordering)
  • Exchange information with management and other supervisors at end of shift


  • A member of the Shy Bird training team
  • Contribute to new hire training in accordance with training programs
  • Participate in adapting the training programs to needs of the restaurant

Cash Handling/ Reporting

  • Count drawers
  • Log deposits
  • Log paid outs
  • Responsible Safe access

Manager Log Contributions

  • Regulars
  • Lows/86’s
  • Physical equipment malfunctions/ needs
  • Team updates

Physical Plant

  • Deep cleaning projects
  • Communicate of malfunctioning equipment/ software
  • Water plants
Employment Type(s): Full Time
Base Pay: $24-$28/hr/hour

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